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Our Aspiration

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Thank you for visiting our website. All our team are dedicated to offering the highest quality aircraft maintenance service, where costs are transparent, and decisions are made by the client. Please come and have a look at our facility, meet the team and hopefully let us prove that we can give you the best servicing at the most competitive price.


DSWWA’s Aims and Aspirations are:-

  • To be open and honest in all our contact with customers
  • Ensure all relevant ADs/SBs and other relevant legislation is complied to
  • We shall always endeavour to ensure our work is to the highest standards and offer the best value. We will never carry out work that is not required. We will always notify you of any additional work that is required with cost before the work is carried out, your safety is paramount to us.
  • We never lose sight of the fact that the aircraft belongs to you – the customer. We try to maintain a common sense “can-do” approach to maintenance
  • We shall care for your aircraft and build on our relationship with you to create your perfect maintenance package. Your satisfaction is our priority.

+44 (0) 1202 577280 | sales-at-dsaviationltd.com