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Maintenance | Scheduled

We are highly professional operators with sensible and honest approach to your maintenance requirements. approved to handle a wide range of light aircraft including twin-engine models such as Diamond, Piper, Cessna, Robin, Beech, Dutchess, AT3, Commander and other Light Aircraft . We are a Diamond and Centurion Service Center.

We also maintain smaller Turbine Engine Aircraft (eg Cessna Caravans) Pilatus carry out maintenance on PT6 Aircraft and similar via our sister company.

Our services range from minor defect work and small scheduled inspections, to complete refurbishments and insurance rebuilds. With our highly experienced team, we can handle all sizes of GA aircraft and turbo-props You will find that we are a highly professional team with service-oriented outlook, geared to meeting the exact needs of our customers - whether commercial or private.

Our EASA 145 Part M Sub-Part G approval - we are authorised to issue an ARC (Airworthiness Review Certificate), an annual requirement. For an owner, a contract with a CAMO makes this a straightforward process. We can look after your Maintenance records - and your budget. DSWWA can maintain your aircraft technical records / logs to enable efficient technical management – this is very important where fleets of aircraft are involved. We always endeavor to reduce downtime without compromising quality or safety.

But we are also careful with your money too, and all defect work is agreed and approved by you. We will supply an estimate of service costs in advance of commencing maintenance. Additionally we always advise of unexpected defects found and give estimates of costs (plus photos of the problem if appropriate) for approval before proceeding with repairs. We follow a detailed maintenance schedule with all inspections carried out.

DSWWA carry out G.A. Maintenance for single and twin engine Light Aircraft to EASA Part 145 and Part M Standards under our approvals - UK.145.01218 and CAA Part M CAMO approval UK.MG.0453 under which we issue A.R.C. Certification.

Our experienced licensed engineers
You can have complete confidence in our work because of the qualifications and experience of our licensed engineers and aircraft mechanics.

Avionics, Propeller, Magneto and Engine repairs or overhauls are all carried out by our specialist sub-contractors.

Aircraft collection and delivery
When necessary, we can arrange the collection and/or delivery of your aircraft using our approved engineer pilots.

Meet the Team, View the facility, Get the great parking deal!
We carry out all general servicing and maintenance at our Hangar / Workshops. Your “One-Stop” Maintenance Facility at Bournemouth AirportWhy not visit and meet the team? Call 01202 577280 or request email us for a call back.

ARC Renewal

What is an ARC?

Airworthiness Review Certificate.

It’s the document we have EASA approval to issue when we’ve inspected an aircraft and pronounced it airworthy.

Prior to September 2008, aircraft were issued a Certificate of Airworthiness by the CAA which was renewed on an annual basis. Since then, each aircraft now has a non-expiring Certificate of Airworthiness which remains in force by the issue of an ARC (Airworthiness Review Certificate) raised and certified by an approved EASA Part M company, annually.

Effectively this means that DS Worldwide Aviation takes responsibility for the status of the aircraft, without reference to the CAA.

What are EASA 145 Part M, and Sub-Parts G and I?

EASA 145 covers the scope of maintenance work for which we are approved.

  • Part M approval lists the aircraft we are allowed to maintain.
  • Sub-Part G recognises our ability to look after aircraft technical records, even for customers whose maintenance is currently carried out elsewhere.
  • Sub-Part I is our capability for ‘Continuous Airworthiness Management’ which authorises DS Worldwide Aviation to issue ARCs.

Record Keeping

Using our advanced Winair Express software we maintain your technical records and create maintenance schedules, making maintenance and repairs as painless as possible.