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News | Sea Vixen to Fly Again 01/07/2013

DS Aviation (Military) Ltd owned Sea Vixen XP924/ G-CVIX, which was damaged in April 2012 following an incident on the runway at its home base of Bournemouth, is now ready to fly again.

As reported at the time, damage was done to the undercarriage and nose of the aircraft which was assessed as being relatively minor. The DS Aviation team have taken the opportunity not only to make good the damaged areas, but to give the aircraft a major overhaul. XP924, the last airworthy Sea Vixen and one of the most iconic shapes in the skies over Britain is now ready to fly again.

The CAA has renewed the Permit to Fly and DS Aviation (UK) Ltd has had its A8-20 operator’s licence reinstated to permit further flying of this remarkable aircraft.

Julian Jones, Managing Director and owner of DS Aviation reports: “We are truly delighted to be able to get the Sea Vixen back in the air and hope to display it at several Air shows this summer”

Chief Engineer and Display Team Manager Ray Hatton said: “The aircraft remains in superb condition and we know that it will thrill the crowds. We have taken the opportunity to make technical modifications to prevent a recurrence of the incident that grounded the aircraft last year. Furthermore we have received valuable support and assistance from the Royal Navy as part of the ongoing airworthiness and safety programme”

Chief Pilot Matt Whitfield stated: “I will now concentrate on getting current once again on the Sea Vixen and then obtaining my Display Authorisation (‘DA’). We are confident that we will be ready for the season”

Any questions please contact: Tim Skeet 07768 600760 or timskeet1@gmail.com

Editor’s Note:
De Havilland Sea Vixen FAW2 XP924/ G-CVIX was granted a Permit to Fly in March 2001 and has generally enjoyed an excellent serviceability and safety record over its years of operation. XP924 entered Royal Navy service in 1964 and served its front line career entirely with 899 Naval Air Squadron before the Sea Vixen fleet was retired in 1972. XP924 subsequently served on trials work before being converted to D3 status, and flew at Llanbedr from 1986 until 1991, when this aircraft became the last Sea Vixen to fly. The aircraft has been based at Bournemouth since 2000 and is now owned and operated by DS Aviation.