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Federal Aviation Administration
European Aviation Safety Agency

Maintenance | Part M & 145 Servicing

Using a comprehensive computer programme we are able to pre-plan all your essential maintenance requirements, and supply this on a spread sheet for your approval. This ensures that you are fully aware of any upcoming work on your aircraft.

We can help you keep within the regulations and obligations put into place by the CAA for both your Part M ands 145 Certification's. We understand that your aircraft is there for your enjoyment and such rules have to be adherred to but can also take the fun out of private aircrafts. As such we provide competitive rates to take away the hassle's and headache of aircraft maintenance.

We are an approved centre for both Part M and Part 145, our approval references as provided by the CAA are listed below:

Part 145 - UK.145.01218
Part M - UK.MG.0453

At D.S. Aviation we are always aware of the owner and aircrafts best interests, we such we use will always send out a letter when certain certificates are due for renewal so you don't have to try and remember, please click here to see a sample.